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Plan Ireland's Child Protection Policy

Plan is committed to ensuring the security, privacy and dignity of all the children that we work with.

Plan recognises the right of all children within its care to be protected from harm in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.  Unfortunately all children are potentially at risk from abuse and exploitation by adults. Everyone has a responsibility and a role in protecting children and it is essential that we follow all practical and reasonable steps to counteract any risk to the children within our care.

Plan's global child protection mission is to: “Create ‘child safe’ environments – internally and externally – where children are respected, protected empowered and active in their own protection, and where staff are skilled, confident, competent and well supported in meeting their protection responsibilities through clear policies, procedures and good practise.”

Dochas code 2Plan Ireland is an active member of Dochas, the association of Irish Non-Governmental Development Organisations and fully subscribes to its Code of Conduct on the use of Images and Messages.

Help us protect children

If you see a photo on any Plan website that depicts children without dignity, respect or regard for privacy, contact our Child Protection officer at 01-659 9601.

Plan seeks consent for the use of all photos. Nonetheless, if you see your own photo or your child's photo, and do not wish it to appear, please contact us; we shall remove it promptly.

Identification of children

It should not be possible for a child to be identified or contacted either via a Plan website or as a result of a visitor using one of our websites. If you are concerned that a child could be identified, please contact our Child Protection Officer at 01-659 9601.

Children's names

Plan never uses children's full names on its websites. At most you will see a child's first name and the name of the district where the child lives. If we change a child's name in a story for their protection, then we say so. The names are not all real; the stories are.

Contact Plan Ireland's Child Protection Officer

If you have questions or concerns about child protection at Plan, contact our Child Protection Officer:

Email:  info@plan.ie

Phone:  01-659 9601

Child Protection Officer

Plan Ireland

126 Lower Baggot Street

Dublin 2