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Dolores - Sponsoring children for 22 years!

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Dolores Keaveney

Children play a large part in the life of Dolores Keaveney. From Mullingar in Co. Westmeath, Dolores is a mother, grandmother, an author of children’s books and she has also sponsored children through Plan since 1989.

Dolores first came across Plan in a newspaper advert seeking people to sponsor children in Africa and elsewhere in the developing world.

“I wrote to Plan and was very impressed with all they were doing to help children around the World” she recalls.  A short time later she received a letter from Samuel Paulos, Plan’s director in Zimbabwe, introducing her sponsored child.


Angeline as a teenager - Dolores sponsored her for 10 years.

“Her name was Angeline Makunzana and she was eight years old” says Dolores. “She was in second grade in Primary School.  Her mother was alive but her father was dead. She had six sisters and two brothers”.  

Dolores received regular updates from Plan and lots of letters and drawings from Angeline. “I wrote regularly and was happy to be able to contribute to this child’s life in a very small way” she says.

Dolores says she learned a lot from Angeline’s letters: “The average monthly income for the family was 27.00 US dollars; they had three mud-walled rooms with mud floors and thatched roofing. They had a pit latrine, used paraffin lamps for lighting, firewood for cooking and the water supply was from an unprotected well 0.5 kilometres from their home.


Nomatter, Angeline's little sister,  is now sponsored by Dolores.

When Angeline was 18 years she left the sponsorship and was replaced by her sister. Angeline is now married and has a family of her own.

Her sister’s name is Nomatter Makunzana and she was just 3 years old when Dolores began sponsoring her.  She was living with her Grandmother who had completed 2nd level of primary education and was a farmer.  Their income was insufficient to cover their basic needs.  

“I have been sponsoring Nomatter ever since and will continue to do so” says Dolores.  

“Over the past 21 years Plan International has worked very hard in many countries throughout the World.   I have received updates regularly as to what they were doing in Zimbabwe, improving adults and children’s lives greatly

by providing schools, houses, wells, construction of Blair toilets, providing seeds, fertilizer, building materials, health, education, food security, and child rights and lots, lots more, just to mention a few”.

“I feel that my contribution has helped to fund community projects that families are doing with Plan to benefit their children. Why not sponsor a child today through Plan? They do a fantastic job. It may be one of the best things that you will ever do!  It was one of mine and still is.