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Irish Cricket Team visit Street Children’s Project in Bangladesh

Cricket Team 123-2-2011:

The Irish Cricket team will face Bangladesh in their first match of the World Cup this Friday 25th February. While they will be opponents on the field, a recent trip to Plan Ireland projects for street children in Dhaka prove that they show a united front when it comes to charity.

Plan Ireland recently invited the Irish Cricket team to visit The Street Children’s Project in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which works with extremely vulnerable children living and working on the streets. About three quarters of the street children suffer from chronic malnutrition and a recent study revealed that 1 in 5 also became the victim of rape while sleeping on the street.

Cricket Team 2

Flowers and smiles

David Dalton, CEO of Plan Ireland said: “Children living and working in the streets of Dhaka are extremely vulnerable and are often victims of abuse and trafficking. Plan’s Street Children Project provides essential services and facilities, providing training and access to income earning opportunities to empower them and address their rights and needs.”

Irish Cricket Team coach Phil Simmons said:  “Visiting the street children in Dhaka was an amazing experience. They were so excited to meet with us and greeted us with flowers and beautiful smiles. The team saw first-hand the great work Plan is doing on the ground and the impact that the Street Children’s Project has on the lives of the children.”  

Cricket Team 3Help provided

There are currently 11 drop in centres and 2 shelter homes for the children. At present the services provided include; shelter, food, functional education, counselling, skill training and child protection.



Case studies

From the insecure streets to a secure future

From the insecure streets to a secure future

Bahar left school in grade three to work as a farmhand to help bring in extra money. However, the work was seasonal, and the pay was low, so at the age of 16, he took a bus with his neighbor to find work in the city.