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Ethiopia water project needs a final push

Connect Ethiopia 180

The Connect Ethiopia water drilling project drew a big crowd of onlookers in Ellilli Deratu.

A remote town in Ethopia is tantalisingly close to getting clean water but unfortunately the project has run out of money to complete the pipeline bringing the water to the people.

The 10,000 or so inhabitants of Ellilli Derartu, a town in the province of Harar in eastern Ethiopia renowned for its coffee, live cheek by jowl in overcrowded conditions without running water.

Quite apart from the obvious public health implications, this also means that women and girls must fetch all household water requirements in buckets from wells that are so far from the town that it takes them 2 hours each way.

Now, thanks to a partnership formed between Plan Ireland and a group of Irish people involved in the coffee business, they are tantalisingly close to getting a piped supply of clean, potable water. In a reverse of the old saying, they can now almost smell the water.

This project was the subject of  A Fair Exchange?

an RTE Radio One documentary produced by Tim Desmond.

CONNECT ETHIOPIA  is an Irish business led initiative intent on changing the way poverty is tackled. It's aim is to concentrate its efforts on one specific country (Ethiopia) and to facilitate a multitude of linkages between Irish and Ethiopian business and civil society, in an effort to stimulate economic activity.

Watch the video and, if you think you can help them in any way to get the project finished, please contact David Dalton of Plan Ireland on info@plan.ie or 1800 829 829.